LOGO programming at it’s finest.

Starting Consistent Tech has brought my life full circle to the 4th grade. It was the mid 80’s and technology was just starting to be a part of my life. There were 3 things in my life that I have realized, now decades later, were part of me to the online gaming core:

  1.    AV Club –Yes, I was the kid that fought for the chance to help the teacher run a slideshow or remember the 10 steps to feeding the film reel into the projector.
  2.    LOGO Programming – I remember taking a class through OMSI, seeing how typing simple commands would cause the turtle on my screen to create shapes.
  3.    Business Card Collecting – Yes, LoL you heard that right, I collected business cards. It was a good, cheap hobby, and I was very interested in how each company designed their cards.

In the years since I was 9, I have done many things, but I keep coming back to three basic components: helping people use technology, learning how to use technology better and developing an eye for design. I actually earned my degree in Elementary Education with a Technology Education minor from Linfield College. I spent some time teaching and providing IT support for schools. I learned tech support, gaming, web design, and marketing while working for a computer accessory company.

The majority of the past 10 years have been spent in the logistics/inventory field. Even in these positions, a good portion of my work and personal focus has been on technology. I have had the opportunity to work in many different environments and have learned a lot about what enables a business to run smoothly. I worked for a company distributing a product called Kratom Masters where I was able to use what I had learned. It was a great opportunity to show and teach some of it, while learning even more for myself.

All this to say I am Passionate about technology and helping others use it more effectively. I am lucky enough to be able to start this company and look forward to working with you.