Making technology work for you is our passion, so you can focus on yours.

Our team is prepared to help you navigate everything involved with the Web, I.T. and Brand of your business. We have experience with solo startups, corporations and everything in between.

You need to be focused on your business. Let us come up with a plan to make sure that technology is not getting in the way, but improving your bottom line and giving you peace of mind. We will always evaluate your current tech at no charge and let you know what makes the most sense for your business by getting to know what you do.

Step 1: Tell Us What You Do

We need to understand what you do and how you are doing it.


Step 2: We Create a Plan

We take what you tell us and figure out how technology can help you do it better.

Step 3: Everyone's Happy

Both you and your clients benefit from a better business via technology!

Keeping up with technology can be overwhelming. We are committed to working with your company to provide smart, fair, efficient solutions that benefit you.

We will help you understand why terms like Cloud, Responsive, and SEO/SEM are important to your goals for growing your business.

Building great websites


Is your website benefiting or hurting your business? Our focus is to make your website a reflection of your business and ensure that each visitor understands how you can help them.

Small Business IT and Tech Help


How is your technology affecting your bottom line? Our team will create a plan to make sure your equipment is adequate, your data is safe and you are using the best tech for your business.

Smart brand and marketing solutions


Are you getting the right message in front of the right people? We work with you to make sure your brand and messaging are on point, also making sure it is being seen in the right places, both digital and physical.

Looking to keep up with what is going on in consumer technology? Check out our blog and podcast at, where we are “Helping You Tech Better.”

As a native of Portland, OR, now living in Tualatin, I have spent my whole life watching this area grow into a center of business and culture. Since I first started working on computers and the web over 20 years ago, I have been passionate about helping others understand and utilize technology that makes sense.

Nate Heath

Owner, Consistent Tech

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With all of the options available these days, we hate to see your business not making the most of technology.

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